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British Columbia

The Land, The People
And The Government
Are One

Our Promise to You.....

If Elected, we give you our word that we will:

- Cut the PST by 2% over the next 4 years.

- Provide a Refund Credit for young drivers unfairly penalized by ICBC.

- Create Rail Transit between Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack and Hope.

- Stop using Crown Corporations as cash cows.

- Stop Selling our province for a one time revenue boost.

- Remove the PST from used items, to encourage Re-use and Re-cycle.

- Use the Carbon Tax for what it was meant - providing revenue for Alternative Energy and clean air projects.

- No Incinerator - use landfills to develop alternate fuel source projects.

- Defend our Water from Environmentally harmful exploitation.

- Ban Salmon farming - to keep our wild fish populations thriving and healthy.

- Ban Fracking - The use of water and chemical run off to create earthquakes that release natural gas.

- Referundums on long-term, high-impact, issues such as the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

- Respect for the concerns of local communities.

- Full government Transparency - Hold our Politicians accountable for their decisions. 

And Most of all, we promise to work for the people, not for the golden handshake.

"Am I my brothers keeper?" "Yes, you are!"

Party Ideals:
Countries, which have been economically stable throughout this world financial crisis
are countries, which are looking after their citizens.

Click the following headers to read up on the specifics of our platform.

The Homeless
Public Safety
Social Justice
Freeom of Speech
General Issues
The Captains Round Table


Personal Choice:

The BC Excalibur Party will work towards protecting your right to make your own health care choices, be it to visit an certified alternate health practitioner or to choose natural remedies and alternative health treatments, such as acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, bio feedback, homeopathic remedies or herbs. We endorse the concept of community herbalists and will work towards initiating a widespread public education programme encompassing the various forms of alternate health care/medicine and their benefits.

  • Alternate Health Plan:

Is a plan the BC Excalibur Party intends to put in place. This plan will cover medical bills for approved alternate medical care, such as naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractors, Chinese medicine, holistic herbalism etc., as well as treatments.

Health For Life Plan:

The ‘Health For Life’ programme will cover limited dental and eye care for those not covered by private medical plans.

Hospital Staff, Operations, Waiting Lists:

The BC Excalibur Party will work towards increasing nursing staff, so that hospitals can be utilized to their fullest potential. For 30 years there has been a shortage of nurses, and all the governments have ignored this need for more nursing staff and have even closed training facilities, relying more on recruiting nurses from developing countries. The BC Excalibur Party finds this reprehensible and morally wrong, as it denies training to our own residents and citizens and puts a burden on developing countries to have to train nurses, who are then stolen away by wealthier countries, these nurses being educated only to be lost, causing a shortage of nurses in these developing countries.

The BC Excalibur Party will work towards eliminating hospital waiting lists. Within 1 year we will strive to eliminate the waiting list for operations to 1 month, except in extreme cases requiring transplants, etc.


• Seed Money:

BC residents participating in self-employment training through a government programme should receive $500.00 to $1,000.00 set-up money after graduation from their course and should be eligible for a 6 month extension of government payments.

• Career Choices:

The BC Excalibur Party will encourage the creation of applicable and affordable opportunities and training for BC residents of all genders, ethnic backgrounds and age groups, so they can upgrade their

skills and lead richer and more rewarding lives and pursue a career of their choosing.


• Home Schooling and Distance Education:

Parents of home schooled children, who wish to participate in this programme, or of children in Distance Education should be allotted a $2,000.00 grant per student per year with yearly assessments. Participating parents of home schooled children should receive additional funding for schol field trips and some extra-curricular activities, when they provide an itinerary for approved activities.

• Classrooms:

Elementary, Middle and High School classes alike should be supplied with regular teacher’s aides to help teachers monitor classroom activity, aid with classroom dynamics, assist students with the learning process and be available to assist with the preparation of study aides and materials.

• After School Day Care:

The BC Excalibur Party will work towards utilizing schools and other appropriate government facilities for after school day care and towards assisting day care providers with resources and funding, so that day care groups can be kept small, so they can be run safely and efficiently. We will also work towards making day care available in some High Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Closed down schools could be re-opened and made available to pregnant teenage girls and teen parent students, so their schooling is not disrupted and they can safely continue their education without fear of bullying or harassment, while their young children are being cared for in a safe environment.

Through a tier system funding should be made available for grandparents or other relatives to provide day care to children of family members, this happening in the form of direct payment, subsidy or tax credit, depending on the circumstances of the parent


• Your Health and Environmental Health:

The BC Excalibur Party believes, that everyone has a right to know, what they are eating. We are opposed to Terminator Seeds, GMOs and Genetically Engineered Foods created through virus activated gene transfer between unrelated species and will strongly pursue mandatory labelling of products containing GMOs.

We believe in treating our environment with respect and are therefore concerned with many environmental issues. We also believe, that we must find practical approaches to these environmental concerns that both save our planet for us and future generations and continue to let us enjoy the benefits of living on this planet. We are not interested in radical measures, but in finding balanced solutions to environmental concerns.

We, for example, believe, that the city may need more safe bicycle lanes. But it is also not practical to ‘get rid’ of cars and tax fuel to the point, that many individuals and families cannot afford them. We feel, that, with rising fuel prices and the added carbon tax, it is becoming a luxury for persons on average incomes to drive cars. And if the Green Party had its way, the carbon tax would be raised 5 times above what it is now. Instead cars, which have become a necessity for many commuters, families and disabled individuals, should be made more fuel efficient, fuel should be more affordable, and the research into and production of alternative energy source vehicles should be encouraged and supported.

Another area, where prudence needs to be exercised is buying local vs. buying from abroad. The BC Excalibur Party believes, that it is absolutely vital to support local growers and producers of locally

sourced foods. Yet we also believe in a global economy and global trade in products and goods not available in our region. We do not believe, that buying local should mean paying outrageous prices for produce, meat and other foods to supermarkets and stores, who make a massive profit on them. Local should also mean affordable. We cannot grow everything year round due to climatic restrictions, and many foods enjoyable to our pallets and beneficial to our health, cannot be grown here. We believe, that one must reach a balance between the impact on the environment of global transportation systems and the beneficial impact wise purchasing practices have on our own economy and on our global trading partners.

We wonder, how many consumers are aware of the massive tonnage of edibles, which is thrown out daily by many supermarkets, a practice, which is unacceptable and unsustainable. There is no consideration given to the massive costs of transportation and re-stocking, as well as the fuel consumption and pollution to restock perfectly good food.

Other environmental concerns, which must be addressed are:

  • The import of invasive and aggressive predatory species, such as the snakehead fish, which can cross overland into other streams, rivers or lakes and many dangerous creatures sold as pets, which are often released into the outdoors by owners, who no longer want to care for them.
  • The widespread commercial use of extremely dangerous pesticides, such as Par III.
  • Allowing foreign governments to exploit BC/s natural resources, such as our minerals, our timber, our water, which constitutes the following of a narrow, short-sighted path of destruction of our Province's natural wealth for future generations.

We believe, that logging and mining are part of our BC economy, but that it must be done in a responsible and sustainable fashion to have the least possible impact on the environment.

Through education and incentives we will work towards a general awareness, that we can be good stewards of our Province and its resources by consuming responsibly.

• Environmental Health Plan:

The BC Excalibur Party will work towards guaranteeing loans for the purchase of fuel efficiency compatible vehicles through a government incentive programme.

We also intend to take a partnership role in the development of affordable alternate energy vehicles.

Both programmes are intended to be supported by the carbon tax.

We further intend to create a BC Development Corporation for the research and development of alternate energy sources and products using alternate energy sources, allowing residents of BC to become shareholders with direct participation in the decision making processes and to directly benefit from the programmes and initiatives developed by this corporation.

The BC Green Lottery:

With prizes of money and environmentally friendly products the BC Green Lottery will work towards encouraging, developing and funding environmental education, protection and preservation projects from its profits.

• Water Meters

It was the intention of our former Premier Gordon Campbell and his Liberals to meter every well and every residence in the Province. We are blessed with a Province abounding with water and should not have to live, as if water here was rare. It is a crime against humanity, that water in this Province should have to be paid for with profit in mind. Water should only cost what it takes to pump it to your home, rather than being charged to the Canadian citizen at top Dollar and practically being given away to the U.S.A. ($500 permits for 9 mile strips of river, of which up to 50% of its water can be diverted.). This increase in the cost of water through metering, had it been extended to private wells, as originally intended, would have had a ripple effect on farming and food production costs in B.C, which, in turn, would have effected already sharply rising food prices, with the only justification being pure greed. The resource should never be wasted, but it should also not be treated, as if it scarcely existed. The residential metering, which was put in place, has resulted in higher water costs for residents and has punished families, as some areas calculate a quota per residence, rather than by family members living in a residence. Some of these permitted quotas have even been reduced, resulting in a steep water price increase for many households. This metering obviously also restricts the production of food in home and community gardens, resulting in more food imports and discouraged gardeners.

The Homeless

The BC Excalibur Party will, in partnership with local governments, action groups and charities, take an active role in abolishing homelessness once and for all.

- The working homeless, which includes families, will be housed.

- The homeless, who are not working and are down on their luck will be trained, given opportunities for work and housed.

- Those homeless on the streets due to mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism etc. will be given the opportunity for rehabilitation, will then be trained and given work opportunities and will be housed.

- Those homeless, who are unable to function normally within society, will be housed and given the care they require.

In keeping with the philosophy of The BC Excalibur Party, we believe, we are our brother's keeper, and no one in a Province as wealthy as ours should be forced to live on the streets with no hope of recovery into a better situation. There are also rumours and reports circulating, that conditions in many of the BC Housing projects are intolerable and unsafe, due to criminal activity and drugs. The BC Excalibur Party will pursue whatever measures are needed to turn these places of refuge into well administrated, safe homes, where people can rebuild their lives with dignity.


• Residential Tenancy Branch:

The BC Excalibur Party will strongly push towards a restructuring of the Residential Tenancy Branch to make it fair to all BC residents and their families and will implement an independent appeals board. We will work towards eliminating telephone hearings, unless requested by both parties or in the event, that one or both parties are unable to attend a hearing in person, as well as the 1 hour hearing time restriction for something as important and far reaching as a person’s or family’s home and their rights relating to housing. We will work towards ensuring, that the agency is no longer landlord biased, that equal rights are given to both parties in the dispute and that the office is required to acquire and investigate evidence, which is not readily available to a party. The BC Excalibur Party will conduct a thorough investigation into the handling of tenancy cases and encourage the dismissal of all one-sided, biased and bigoted employees, who have destroyed the concept and integrity of the agency.

• Landlords and Property Managers:

Property managers must be made accountable for their actions or lack thereof and should no longer be able to hide behind the shield of their landlords. Neither should a property manager be able to speak in the defence of his/her landlord, but both must speak in their own defence. A landlord renting out properties is a small businessman and should know his business and be held accountable for his actions as such as any small businessman would be.


The BC Excalibur Party in cooperation with community groups, as well as public input, will endeavour to take a lead role in tackling transit problems and finding solutions, that are both financially sustainable and affordable, as well as in the public interest. Not only must transit be available, it must be affordable and easily accessible, as well as reliable, and it must meet the needs of the public. Several areas to address are the feasibility of trains, tramlines, sky train expansion, smaller buses, wheelchair accessibility to all public transit services, regular essential services between cities, park-and-rides and passes being honoured among the various transit services.

Public Safety

• Crime Sec.

The BC Excalibur Party will propose the forming of a Provincial Task Force called Crime Sec, which will be mandated to respond to individuals affected by identity theft and antisocial behaviour.

Crime Sec will

* Assist affected individuals with the investigation of and collection of evidence relating to instances of thuggish or antisocial behaviour.

* In cooperation with local and community police forces discourage and break up intimidating and antisocial gatherings threatening individual and public safety

* Take an active role in stopping identity theft and ensure, that innocent individuals will not be made to suffer and be penalized for the theft of their identity.


The BC Excalibur Party will lobby the Federal Government for workable government initiatives to be put in place, so that identity theft can be dealt with effectively and people, whose identity has been stolen will not stand alone in trying to rectify this daunting and debilitating situation and to suffer from this theft unnecessarily.

In keeping with the BC Excalibur Party's philosophy of 'Back-To-Basics', we will revamp and revitalize the government authorities responsible for assisting the general public in dealing with disputes against government agencies and powerful corporations.

Justice is unaffordable for the vast majority of the population, which creates an extremely unjust society. It will be the goal of the BC Excalibur Party to do everything in its power to make justice affordable and available to all people and to make self-representation a viable, workable and respected part of the judicial system.

The Courts are generally extremely back-logged, which results in a number of criminal cases being dismissed, as they have taken too long to come to trial. The BC Excalibur Party will hire an additional 10 judges and support staff to speed up the judiciary process, which is fair for the victims and their families and the accused awaiting trial alike.

Social Justice

The BC Excalibur Party will work towards tackling gang recruitment and antisocial behaviour by encouraging the creation of a just society and by utilizing existing programmes to their fullest, as well as by proposing the creation and implementation of programmes that give a sense of achievement,

community and purpose and also provide entertainment and fun.

Freedom Of Speech & Freedom Of Information

• Information Research Centre:

The BC Excalibur Party will propose the establishment of a government department for research to discern the facts about and to gather and process information on issues, that effect our everyday lives, such as: Research and facts about prescription drugs, GMOs, chemical compounds used in agriculture, landscaping and gardening, environmental issues, including the viability and use of alternate fuel sources, global warming and the protection of our watersheds, the pharmaceutical industry, drinking water fluoridation, the proposed oil pipeline projects, foreign mining, land development, government cover-ups and more.

This department will look at both sides of issues, report on the findings on a public Government Web Site and index the information sources used.

BC Economy

The BC Excalibur Party will encourage the diversification of the economy to make BC less reliant on the American and Chinese economies, and we will propose the use of Federal Government initiatives and funding to encourage trade with other countries.

We believe, that working on mega projects costing Billions of Dollars during this present economic crisis is short sighted and an incompetent approach to trying to restore an economic balance. These are projects, where a few large corporations earn Hundreds of Millions of Dollars profit above and beyond the high wages paid out to a few Thousand employees.

Small business creates far more jobs than Billion Dollar corporate bailouts will protect and Billion Dollar projects will create.

Small business creates micro-economies, and it is, and through the Ages has been, the backbone of a healthy economy. Thus we will work towards the implementation of the Seed Money programme as outlined under 'Employment' to rebuild and strengthen the Small Business community. This, along with the environmental initiatives we have outlined under 'Environment', will guarantee the strengthening of the BC economy.

  • Home Ownership: Reversing the feudal trend
The BC Excalibur Party will make it possible for many more British Columbians to be able to fulfill their lifetime dream of owning a home. Innovative ways, including sweat equity, will be found, developed and implemented to create the opportunity.
  • The BC Film Industry:

Is all but dead. And why should it be?

The BC Film Industry creates Thousands of jobs in many fields, as well as spin-off to other businesses and manufacturing. The BC Excalibur Party will take an active role in re-activating and permanently establishing BC as the movie making capital of Canada. We have the work force. We have the landscape. We have the infrastructure. To continually train people and increase funding to the courses is questionable at best, when the film industry has left our Province for better funding and tax incentives in Ontario and Quebec.

  • BC News & Activities Channel:

The BC Excalibur Party will examine the logistics of creating a BC News & Activities Channel or the utilization of free time on the already existing BC Legislature Channel for the purposes of promoting BC, informing British Columbians of the many and varied opportunities for attending activities and events and broadcasting news about and affecting BC. This part of our proposed stimulus package will offer a very low cost advertising solution for small businesses, as well as for promoters of small events and tourism across the Province. This will create opportunities for journalists, writers, artists, producers, technicians, actors and support staff, as well as having a positive impact on Provincial spin-off industries.

General Issues

  • Failed Programmes:
  • Restructure:

The BC Excalibur Party will work towards abolishing the Marketing Boards, which artificially keep the costs of eggs, dairy etc. high. They further only a self-serving purpose, as all these marketing boards

are administered by the big producers. They are obsolete and are not conducive towards revitalizing a struggling economy. This concerns healthy foods, which should be readily available and affordable to anyone.

BC Revenue Services:

We have heard reports, that BC Revenue Services oversteps its boundaries of authority and acts thuggishly towards individuals, who are suffering hardship. The BC Excalibur party will fully investigate, and if such reports are found to be true, BC Revenue will be dispanded and will be replaced with a transparent, accountable, Government run organization.


The BC Excalibur Party will not steal profits from ICBC and then raise the cost of ICBC premiums. These over-payments of premiums in excess of a reasonable reserve belong to the customers of ICBC and should be returned in the form of lower insurance premiums. Also, younger people should not be penalized for being young and have to pay substantially higher premiums, especially when they have never been issued traffic tickets or been involved in accidents.ICBC will also not be permitted to pay out excessive bonuses to its management and staff.

The BC Excalibur Party will rein in ICBC and make the agency more accountable, especially so that ‘writing off’ supposedly overly damaged vehicles from accidents and not paying out legitimate claims or underpaying on the market value of a written off vehicle, will not occur. ICBC will also have to justify its interpretations of disputed accident scenarios. In its current form ICBC has become the very thing it was created to fight.

Self Policing:

For obvious reasons, no organization in BC should be allowed to be self-policing.

The Captain's Round Table

The leaders + 2 candidates of parties, that do not have any elected representatives in the Legislative Assembly, may attend an all party Round Table,  meeting once per month. Independent candidates will also be invited to attend these Round Table meetings.

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