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British Columbia

The Land, The People
And The Government
Are One

Interview with Michael Halliday, Leader of the BC Excalibur Party.

We recently recieved a request from Howldez, wishing to interview Michael with some questions from our young voters. Here is the Video of that interview.

Thank You and Please...

After much consideration and consultation with some of our Candidates and Party Officers and reading e-mails and comments and receiving phone calls of support and encouragement, the BC Excalibur Party will continue to build, encourage, educate, keep people informed and actively participate in just causes until the next election.
All our candidates have funded their own elections campaigns, as has the Party, which has been funded by Michael Halliday. And Thank You to the thoughtful and kind individual for the only donation received, which amounted to $60.00!
To rebuild and prepare for all the work ahead, please, go to the Party web site's Donations tab to leave a tax deductable contribution.
Working together for change we can be strong - BC Excalibur Party

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